Why Do Young Women Choose Much Older Men?

Why Do Young Women Choose Much Older Men?

More and more young women are becoming attracted to men of much advanced age. Local celebrities like Zsa Zsa Padilla, Heart Evangelista, and Pauline Luna and International celebrities like Beyonce’, Catherine Zeta Jones, Calista Flockhart, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Katie Holmes..

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Have you ever wondered what’s getting them hooked up to men with greater age gap? Why do women prefer older guys than guys of the same age or younger?

Here are the seven (7) Reasons why women often choose much older men for a lifetime partner:

1. They are more stable/more established

Stable man

Older men specially those who have been married before are already established in their chosen career, or have already built a steady income or have a stable job.  Likewise, they have already put up their own houses, or condominiums, and have their own car.  This is one of the reasons why women are often attracted to them. They often feel a sense of security for their future.

2. More mature

Experienced men

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Of course, with the experiences they had, men of advanced age are presumed to be mature enough to deal with different problems or life situations.  So given certain circumstances, they often can handle them well without much help from their partners. This is bonus points for women who look up to their partner as a responsible human being who will be able to guide and lead them in their relationship journey.

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