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10 Amazing Animals’ Fun Facts and the Amazing Human Qualities they Possess

10 Amazing Animals' Fun Facts and the Amazing Human Qualities they Possess
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Man is the highest form of animal. If this is so, then animals must have qualities that resemble ours. Like men, animals have been exposed to nature’s challenges that caused to them to develop qualities that would help them thrive or survive in their own peculiar environment. Discover the amazing qualities that these animals possess and some fun facts that makes each of them uniquely interesting. 

Amazing Animals Fun Facts and the Amazing Human Qualities they Possess

Here are 10 amazing animals and the human qualities they possess:

1. Gentleness and sociability of a rabbit

Gentleness and Sociability of a rabbit

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All rabbits make ideal pets. They are gentle and highly sociable like us humans meaning they need the companionship of humans or other animals, although the need may vary among individual rabbits. They play, some more than others.

Fun facts about rabbit:

  • A rabbit’s nails and teeth never stop growing
  • A baby rabbit is called a kit, a female is called a doe, and a male is a buck.  A group of rabbits is called a herd.
  • Rabbits are meticulously clean animals
  • a pet rabbit can be taught to come to his/her name, sit in your lap, and do simple tricks.
  • Their eye can rotate 360 degrees. This allows them to look behind them without turning their heads.


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