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5 Things to Know About the Mannequin Challenge: the Latest Instagram and Twitter Trend

5 Things to Know About the Mannequin Challenge
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Forget planking of 2010, the Harlem shake of 2013, and the ice-bucket challenge of 2014 as there is a recent social media craze that has been freezing the internet and its called the #Mannequin Challenge. We listed here 5 things to know about the #Mannequin Challenge.

1 The Mannequin Challenge makes people pose like wax sculptures

Its the most recent fad that started on twitter which requires a big group of people to freeze and to strike a mannequin-like pose while a camera zooms in to take a shot at everyone. The more people appears like wax sculptures in a portrait the more successful the people who accepted the challenge are. People have become more creative with their poses in what theatre folks call a “Tableau” and have started doing difficult poses as people did in the “Planking challenge.”

2 It is uploaded in social media with the hiphop duo Rae Sremmurd's Black Beatles featuring Gucci Mane in the background.

This clip of about one to two minutes is later uploaded on social media with the official mannequin challenge song “Black Beatles” in the background. The hiphop duo is composed of brothers Khalif “Swae Lee” Brown and Aaquil “Slimm Jimmi” Brown from Mississipi. Their song Black Beatles that features rapper Gucci Maine, which debuted 2 months ago has already reached number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is still expected to rise with this #Mannequin Challenge” fad. They also did their own version at a concert held last November 3.

3 It first appeared on Twitter in October 26 with six kids holding a series of motionless poses with the hashtag #manequinchallenge.

This challenge is believed to have been created by high school students at the Edward H. White High School in Jacksonville Florida. It was uploaded first on Twitter by user @privity which featured a video of six kids holding a series of motionless poses on a table with the hashtag #manequinchallenge. It has gone viral ever since. 

4 Its more of a group challenge than individual as the success rate depends on the ability of majority to hold their poses and appear motionless during the entire video.

The challenge has been most popular among sporting teams and has become sort of a celebratory video of teams after winning games. Some teams that have caught up with the craze include: 

  • Pennsylvania State football team after blowout win vs Iowa Hawkeyes 41-14
  • Clemson Tigers football team after its 54-0 rout of Syracuse
  • Kansas City Jayhawks college basketball celebrate with acrobatic Mannequin Challenge after an exhibition win over Emporia State 
  • Kentucky Wildcat basketball Fans did the mannequin challenge at the packed Rupp Arena after their team won by a whopping 93 points
  • The New York Giants Football team brought in their staffs and even executives after a huge win over the Philadelphia the Eagles 
  • TCU Football team celebrated a 62-22 road win over Baylor 
  • South Oregon University Football team after beating Montana State-Northern 56-14
  • Kennesaw State Football team after beating Clark Atlanta 56-0

5 It has gained popularity and has become viral after certain celebrities caught up with the trend and accepted the challenge

Celebrities could not help but not join the trend 

  • Destiny’s Child members Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams have reunited to do the challenge.
  • Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry did the Mannequin Challenge in her International Smoke Restaurant.
  • Ellen Degeneres performed the Mannequin Challenge with Warren Beatty.

There were professional teams who also did the challenge:

  • NBA teams Sacramento Kings featuring the Demarcus cousins did the mannequin challenge
  • Milwaukee Bucks joined the craze and recorded their video while onboard a plane. 
  • Dallas Cowboys went airborne to record their challenge
  • Pittsburch Steelers in their locker room
  • US Military Academy at Westpoint mens gymnastics team

TV news anchors also joined the bandwagon

  • Fox News and Fox NFL Sunday Sportscasters and Crew
  • SEC Network sportscasters
  • ESPN College Gamedat Sportscasters and Student crowd

No one could tell when this craze would stop but it sure does foster a lot of camaraderie and unity among those striving to take on the challenge…and the internet world has not yet seen the best of it. 

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