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Facebook Trend: 7 Day Love Your Spouse Challenge

Photo credit: Leonardo Rosario Jr
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The Love Your Spouse Challenge was a challenge Facebook users posed to their married friends where they were asked to post one photo with their spouses each day for seven days to keep the celebration of love and traditional marriage going.

This chain challenge was accepted by several Facebook users and got viral on social media. We interviewed seven of them and asked them to choose one favorite photo of the seven photos that they posted and describe the kilig (romantic excitement) stories behind those: 

Love Your Spouse Challenge spouses # 1:
Richard Pascual & Gjil G. Pascual
Married: 2.20.2015

love your spouse challenge richard gigi pascual

February 20, 2015 marks a special day in my life – the day my husband, Richard, and I committed to be husband and wife. We consider this as the beginning of our new family life and this brought us seated joy and contentment. Trust and lifelong friendship must be developed in order that marriage commitment will grow.

The same requires hard work and self-sacrifice. It demands that you be willing to forgo your own preferences in order to please your mate. From that day on, I have this bible text in mind under Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 –“Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their hard work. For if one of them falls, the other can help his partner up.

Love Your Spouse Challenge spouses #2:
Atty. Neil R. Estil & Atty. Joyce C. Estil
Married: 01.19.2013

love your spouse challenge atty neil joyce estil

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This photo was taken in Singapore last January 21, 2013, during our out of the country honeymoon getaway. This one is my favorite because we got to enjoy the moment with each other as a newly-wed couple.

This one was one of the rare kilig moments I had with my husband where we enjoyed each other’s company without reservations as we were away from our own biological families, because we were not allowed to be on our own while we are not yet married. This was also our first getaway alone in another country where we experienced real life adventures and had to deal with them first time as a wedded couple.

Love Your Spouse Challenge spouses #3:
James Paul Cunanan & Atty. Joyce D. Cunanan
Married: 12.12.2012

love your spouse challenge james paul joyce jasmin cunanan

Our wedding day was the start of our happy ever after. This picture epitomized how special that day was for us, the day that we made a promise before the Lord, our families, our relatives, our friends, and to each other to love each other as husband and wife.

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