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Filipino netizens tweet #CHexit after PH victory over China

Filipino netizens tweet #CHexit after PH victory over China
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MANILA, Philippines – Filipino netizens tweeted #CHexit (short for “China exit”) on Twitter late Tuesday afternoon, July 12,  after UN arbitration court ruled in favor of the Philippines over China. The popular new term “Chexit” (inspired by “Brexit” which refers to Britain leaving the EU) symbolizes the Filipino’s frustration over China’s aggressive territorial moves in the South China Sea. 

The hashtag became top topic on social media, shortly after the ruling was announced at about 5 PM, Tuesday.

Even popular social media icon Senyora Santibanez (fictional character) tweeted:

On arbitration court ruling

Arbitration court has ruled that China’s claims have no legal or historical basis igniting the possibility of a new record of tension and confrontation in the region.

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Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop issued a statement after the decision was released calling on the Philippines and China to abide by the ruling “which is final and binding on both parties.”

“Adherence to international law is the foundation for peace, stability and prosperity in East Asia, as it has for many years,” the statement said.

However, China’s Foreign Ministry comprehensively rejected the ruling, saying its people had more than 2,000 years of history in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), that its islands did have Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) and that it had announced to the world its “9-dash” map in 1948.


China’s 9-dash Map (Photo by Washington Post)

Neighbors Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam also have overlapping claims.

Photos: West Philippine Sea before and after

The UN tribunal also ruled that China had violated the Philippines’ sovereign rights by building artificial islands, converting reefs to military facilities causing “permanent irreparable harm to the coral reef ecosystem.”

Below are some photos, before and after China occupied the island:


Fiery Cross Reef: before/Jan 22, 2006 (left half); after/Jun 28, 2015 (right half)


Mischief Reef: before/Jan 24, 2012 (left half); after/Jun 10, 2015 (right half)

subi reef

Subi Reef: before/July27, 2012 (left half); after/Jun 5, 2015 (right half)


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