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MRT Girl meets Digital Karma, Netizens reveal hidden facts about her

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When we post a rant on Facebook, we expect people to take our side and sympathize with us but this Metro Rail Transit (MRT) girl meets Digital Karma and Netizens reveal hidden facts about her. MRT girl got the shock of her life as her facebook post intended to shame an ungentlemanly co-commuter backfired and got viral at her expense instead.

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Karla Monique Olandesca, in her facebook account posted a photo of a man who she described as ugly and made more ugly by his non-display of chivalry, which is a trait expected of most men. 

“Kung Ano Yung Kina-Pangit Ng Mukha Mo.. Yung Din Kina-Pangit Ng Ugali Mo. Bagay Na Bagay yung Mukha Mo Sa Ugali. Perfect Combination Pare! Haha!”

[How ugly your face is, that’s also how ugly your personality. Your face matches your personality. Perfect combination.]

The bashing MRT girl got came as most Facebook users expressed support for the person who she wanted to shame on social media for not offering her a seat while inside the MRT. Most Netizens felt that shaming a guy who looked tired and sleepy just because he was expected to do something out of courtesy was unfair because the person complaining is not at all disabled, pregnant or an elderly but just someone who was demanding a gesture that not everyone does nowadays.

It didn’t help that the complainer proclaimed she was beautiful enough to deserve such courtesy from somebody who was not equally physically gifted. The practice of giving up a seat for the ladies is not something that is done to show admiration of another’s beauty, rather a reflection of the doer’s character of being a gentleman. And it is still not a socially accepted behavior to tell to someone else’s face he or she is ugly and claim a compliment of beauty on one’s self.


Netizens reveal hidden facts about her

Netizens went as far as revealing in their comments about the MRT girl’s secret indecent job while the guy was a working student who may have been tired and sleepy and needed that much rest while onboard the train. Netizens came to the defense of the person whose picture was posted on FB explaining that his behavior of not yielding his seat to the complaining lady was excusable under his particular circumstance.  

mrt girl meets digital karma indecent job

mrt girl meets digital karma - hidden facts

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This incident teaches us how our social media posts exposes us to the harsh criticism and judgement from others and that before we post, we must think twice and try to put ourselves in the shoes of the other person who we want to complain about. Because in a world where women demands both equality and chivalry, the golden rule that says “Thou shall do unto others as you would have them do unto you” still holds true. KARMA after all is just around the corner and it has no menu. You get served what you deserve

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