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What is facebook’s Challenge Accepted With Black & White Photos?

What is facebook's Challenge Accepted With Black and White Photos?

There have been many challenges on Facebook which are actually similar to chain mails and this recent one makes you post challenge accepted with your black and white photo.

What’s different about this though is that there are no lengthy explanations about what the challenge is about. And if you are out of the loop and have not been invited by any of your friends to the challenge, you can’t help but ask: What is this challenge all about? 

What is this new challenge accepted coupled with black and white photos on Facebook?

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This is a recent chain challenge which you will initially be curious about because it just shows your friend’s black and white photo and the caption “challenge accepted.” This will make you frown and ask what challenge was accepted? 

Challenge accepted Kiko Pangilinan

Here is Philippine Senator Kiko Pangilinan finally accepting the challenge probably after carefully thinking about it.

Challenge Accepted Jennylyn Mercado

Filipina actress Jennylyn Mercado posted on facebook that she accepted the challenge

It wasn’t until I got invited with this private message that it became clear to me what it was. 

“Since you liked my picture, you now have to post a black & white picture of you and write Challenge Accepted. Let’s fill Facebook with black & white pictures to show our support for the battle against cancer. That is the challenge. When your friends like your post, you send them this message. 😊”

So it was after all in support of the battle against cancer. 


In my mind, I wouldn’t want to join the bandwagon but my friend’s reason for joining made me think twice: 

“I don’t usually accept challenges on Facebook but since this one is about the battle against cancer, I accepted it together with the request for you to offer a prayer for those who are suffering from it. Thanks.”

My cousin’s dad died from cancer and I think this topic is quite close to her heart. I wanted to show support by continuing the chain but had some reservations too. Weighing my pros and cons, 

These would be my reasons for joining:

1. I know of dear friends and kins who have family members fighting against cancer and simple gestures such as these I know will ease their pain and suffering.

2. Our signifying support sometimes depends on who asked us to continue the chain. When it is someone we emulate or feel indebted to, not complying to the request makes the requester feel snubbed in one way or another. 

3. There is no harm in joining if most of our friends already did as compared to when there is only a few posts about the challenge. We often fear judgment and dislike among our friends if we make them do something they have no choice of complying with or not. This challenge I would say is already viral and something that would not label you as stupid for being fooled to follow. 

4. Joining challenges is a way for us to reveal a part of ourselves and show the world our stand on some of the prevaling issues of the times. If a challenge is one which reveals one of your advocacies, the challenges you join show your friends who and what you are. The fight against cancer is one universally supported cause.  

5. The challenge asks for a prayer and if one is sincere and does a prayer for another, the chain of prayer will continue and bless a lot of souls suffering from the disease.

These are my hesitations to joining. 

1. The challenge does not explain in full what it is about and unless you get invited, and you do not want to be branded as blindly joining a bandwagon.

2. The photo posted and the advocacy supported does not seem to have a connection. What’s with a black and white photo and cancer? 

3. Some argue that supporting the cause of cancer can be done in other ways than posting the black and white photo on facebook. One can donate directly to an institution that supports its cause. One who cuts her hair and donates it to a cancer society may be perceived as really doing her part. 

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4. With all the challenges on Facebook, I am inclined to carefully pick some which are closest to my heart such as family, children and motherhood or something that involves positive topics rather than this somewhat depressing one. 

5. Lastly, I can’t find a solo picture good enough that is worth sharing as black and white. 

So finally, I have accepted the challenge and posted on my wall my not so recent black and white photo. What I don’t intend to make viral though is the chain part of the challenge. I would not want to burden all those who liked the photo because they have a different reason for liking it which might not be related with the challenge. 

Challenge Accepted in social media

Photo of the author who finally accepted the challenge

How about you? Will you be accepting the challenge?

Share your thoughts, join/start the conversation below.

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