What Coach Tab Baldwin has been teaching the Ordinary Filipino Basketball Fan

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1. Filipino fans must have patience

The Filipino basketball fan, sad to say, is impatient. It is normal for an ordinary Pinoy hoops junkie to turn off the television or just walk-out of the venue if their favorite team is trailing by a huge margin, let’s say 24 points or more. But Coach Tab Baldwin and the Ateneo Blue Eagles are teaching the ordinary Filipino basketball fan that patience is a virtue and patience leads us to still hope.

Why? In the two losses of the Blue Eagles, they managed to cut down the imposing lead of the opposition. Against South Korea, they were within five in the last three minutes before a huge offensive explosion by the Koreans to clinch the win. Likewise against the tall Team Canada, they managed to climb from 29 down to within striking distance of 10 in the last 3 minutes before falling short in the end-game.

Yes they lost both games but Coach Tab Baldwin teaches the Filipino fan that all is not lost against a big lead and given the right breaks of the game, they could have won and stolen the thunder from their opponents. Remember, all is not lost up to the last buzzer. So don’t lose hope on your team easily.

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