What Coach Tab Baldwin has been teaching the Ordinary Filipino Basketball Fan

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3. Filipino fans should appreciate players who listen and keep a good attitude

Looking at the Blue Eagles during timeouts, you will just see a scene where the players are intently listening to their Coach. It’s not that Coach Tab is a dictator but that gesture of listening intently by the players will give us an impression that they respect the authority and knowledge of their coach. They respect the system that he and his staff is implementing, which results in a game being played in a purely team basketball concept.

If you will watch the games of the Blue Eagles, they are really running their plays, moving excellently without the ball, giving screen, cutting to the basket and most especially playing hardnosed defense as a team. Listening develops ones respect. The players respect their coaches in their implementation of the system while the coaches respect the individual person and talents in their roster. It’s a symbiotic process that will lead to a winner’s attitude both on and off the court.

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