What Coach Tab Baldwin has been teaching the Ordinary Filipino Basketball Fan

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We cannot underestimate the heart, passion and knowledge of the Filipino basketball fan for the game. But it is not harmful for the ordinary Filipino to learn a thing or two from this foreign coach. PUSO will be there but at the end of the day, we will realize that the Filipino basketball fan does not have the monopoly of heart and passion for the game.

Winning starts with developing your players to be good persons first, developing them to learn how to listen, how to respect and from there you can expect your players to be more open to embrace a system, to trust the process and over time reach the ultimate prize.

Championships aren’t won overnight and the ordinary Filipino Basketball fan must be exposed to that reality. PUSO alone won’t win games. It entails a good system bolstered by players with a good attitude. And that’s the winning formula that Coach Tab has long been teaching us. 

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