Experience Exhilarating Adventure: Hua Hin Thailand’s Royal Beach

Experience Exhilarating Adventure: Hua Hin Thailand's Royal Beach
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Ok! You have to wake up early but your reward is great. When you fall asleep by the gentle sound of the sea, it is hard to wake up early as your dreams will bring you to amazing places such as Hua Hin. 

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But waking up early does give you the most beautiful view you can imagine, therefore it is worth all the effort.

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About Hua Hin Thailand

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Hua Hin is similarly noted for its magnificent beach, running from a rocky headland, which separates it from a tiny fishing port, and curving gently for some three kilometers to its southern point where Buddhist temples cling to the cliffs.

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As Hua Hin is located on the western side of the Gulf of Thailand, it’s hardly surprising that it is well-endowed with some great beaches. Most are wide and long, with generally shallow depths and very mild currents. As a result, they are safe for all the family.

The seaside town of Hua Hin, meaning “Stone Head”, was named after the rocks at the north end of the powdery sand beach. With a 5 kilometer-long beach that features numerous activities. In addition to beach fun and games, outstanding seafood restaurants, and a vibrant night market, Hua Hin is well known for having some of the finest golf courses in Thailand, as well as some of the most renowned resorts and destination spas in the world.


How to go

Buses between Bangkok and Hua Hin are served by Bangkok’s Sai Tai Mai terminal, and depart every 20 minutes for the 3 ½ hour journey. Fares for first class bus seats cost around 200 baht. There is also bus service that is scheduled to connect Hua Hin with Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport Buses to and from cities in southern Thailand are generally overnight services, departing Hua Hin around 10 pm and arriving early in the morning; such buses cost between 750-1000 baht depending on destination.

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Getting Around Hua Hin:

Hua Hin proper is small enough that you won’t need anything more than two feet to get around. If you want to venture to farther beaches or to surrounding sites, consider renting a car or motorbike.


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Where to Stay

Hua Hin is full of accommodations from five-star international chains to inexpensive guest houses. During high season make sure to make reservations in advance so you have a better selection to choose from.

What to Expect

Hua Hin attracts lots of local tourists and lots of Europeans, and during high season the beach can be packed. Around town there are probably as many German and Italian restaurants as there are Thai ones.

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What to Do

If you’re not lounging on the beach or your resort’s pool, consider horseback riding! In Hua Hin there are always horses available for rent and guides who will lead you if you are not an experienced rider. You can also hike up the nearby mountains or travel a little farther to one of the country’s prettiest national parks, Sam Roi Yot.

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