Can Paper Slice Through Wood?

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A video that puts a paper blade to the test will leave you with a newfound respect for the sheets in your printer tray. 

Youtuber John Heisz—maker of a sweet knife or two—decided to find out by replacing the normal, metal blade in his table saw with a hand-cut circle of paper.

Turns out that while something as feeble as paper isn’t quite rigid enough to flatten out entirely it spins, it does have some cutting power, more than enough to slice through paper and cardboard. But wood? Take a look:

Many YouTube viewer pointed out that the battle is kind of a Civil War, since paper and wood both come from trees. Still, it’s a marvel to watch, and Heisz’s video has earned nearly 2.5 million views after just one day — and paper has earned some new fans. Wrote commenter Rom Jaikat, “Thank you, I now have a whole new level of respect for paper.”

(Article originally appeared in Popular Science)

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