Guy Makes Scary Flying Ghost with Drone to Scare His Neighbors

Whether it be decorating the entire house in amazing Christmas lights, or building a creepy haunted atmosphere for Halloween, you always have to love the antics of those people who really understand the meaning of the phrase, “getting into the holiday spirit!” (Video via Popular Mechanics /DJ Vegh)

One guy decided to turn his drone into a scary flying ghost, I could not stop laughing at just how creative this thing actually looks.

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While the ghost looks pretty scary, I hope that whoever owns it is being responsible and doesn’t drive it over any roads or highways or else it will lead to an accident.

Fortunately, the owner seems to want to keep everything in his neighbors, he could be given a pretty hefty fine if caught flying around a restricted area like that. And if anything, the amount of fun he can have with anyone who comes to his yard is limitless!

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