Throwback: Is This the Most Terrible Interview of Ryan Lochte?

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Sheinelle Jones cannot contain her laughter during the teribble interview with 6-time gold medalist Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte.

This happened when Mike Jerrick asked Lochte a question: “What kind of line can somebody say? What would get your attention?” Lochte replied:

My philosophy is if you’re a man at night, you gotta be a man in the morning.

Sheinelle Jones: I like that, I have a feeling my co-host, that’s what you live by, right? If you’re a man at night you gotta be a man in the morning.

Ryan Lochte: I mean, I was brushing my teeth and the camera was there, and I was like, what are you guys doing?

Sheinelle Jones: On reality shows they follow you into the bathroom?

Mike Jerrick: He’s just brushing his teeth.

Sheinelle Jones: So you have to tell them what you’re doing before.

Ryan Lochte: Well, I mean, I guess there’s a – there’s like a – there’s like a mirror and a sink and then you have the bathroom.

Mike Jerrick: Ryan good luck to you. We’ll be watching.

Ryan Lochte: Uh, thank you.

Sheinelle Jones: (laughing) I’m gonna fall.

😀 😀 😀


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