Man Confronted for Pretending to be Retired U.S. Soldier

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A video on posted on Youtube showing a stolen valor confrontation at a Walmart store in Texas. This video opens with the man accused of impersonating a soldier standing by the vending machines near the store entrance.

“Hey man, you’re in the military?” the videographer asks him on approach.

The alleged valor thief responds “yes, 75th infantry… Ranger Battalion. 101st Airborne.”

The man behind the camera quickly turns the tables.

“If you were really prior military like the rest of us,” he states. “You’d know you wearing that uniform is a f***ing disgrace.”

“Some of us wore that uniform — let go of my hand — and actually fought for our country,” he continued. “You don’t even know what the f**k you’re wearing. You don’t even know what patch that is.”

The videographer continues to critique the non-soldier’s uniform for several minutes.

Eventually, a Walmart employee ends the confrontation.

He tells the man filming he “understands [his] frustration” but can’t let the confrontation take place on the store’s premises.

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People shouldn’t impersonate or pretend to be in the U.S military as it dishonors the men and women who have actually served, and undervalue their sacrifices.

Source: dailycaller.com

[Warning: Contains adult language.]

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