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Duterte hits Obama anew: ‘You can go to hell’; EU better choose purgatory

Video credit: Business Insider

MANILA, Philippines – Rodrigo Duterte hits Barack Obama anew in a speech Tuesday over its criticism of his “War On Drugs” campaign. Duterte said:

“Instead of helping us, the first to criticize is this State Department, so you can go to hell, Mr. Obama, you can go to hell.”

Duterte also said he may decide to “break up with America” in his most serious threat so far to split relations with the Washington.

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He also lashed out anew at the European Union, saying the bloc, which has also criticized his brutal crackdown, “better choose purgatory, hell is filled up.”

“Eventually I might, in my time, I will break up with America,” he said without elaborating:

“I would rather go to Russia and to China.”

Recently, the Philippine president repeats his ‘apology’ for his controversial Hitler remarks.

“I apologize for it and I apologize again. It was not politically and socially correct of me to say that. If I offended the community, may I say, I’m sorry,” said Duterte.

Watch the full video below:

H/T: RTVMalacanang


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