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10 Moments PH shone brightly on the world stage in 2016

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The first week of September was a rough and tumble for Pinoy Pride on the political front but this isn’t stopping Filipinos from topping competitions and trumping their opponents on the world stage.

From areas as diverse as bartending, robotics, leadership and acting, Pinoys continue to parade their excellence in international awards ceremonies. This doesn’t even include (thanks to Hidilyn Diaz) our dramatic silver win in the recently concluded Olympic games in Brazil.

We came up with a list of victories for the Philippines in 2016. Small proof that being a Filipino means there is always a reason to celebrate!


1 2 Filipinas among the Asia 21 Young Leaders.

PH Shone Brightly 2 Filipinas

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Clarissa Delgado and Anna Meloto-Wilk will be joining the 2016 class of the Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative at the Asia 21 Summit this December in Seoul, South Korea. It’s a fab opportunity to share best practices in leadership and develop group public service projects for the world. And what merits got these two handpicked? Delgado is cofounder and chief executive officer of non-profit group Teach for the Philippines, which gets young professionals to teach for two years in public schools throughout the country. Meanwhile, Meloto-Wilk cofounded Human Nature, a personal care company that makes all-natural personal care products. Human nature is eco-friendly, practices fair trade and has a pro-poor policy.

2 First female champion of international bartending contest.

First female champion of international bartending contest

Rizza Umlas of TGIFridays Glorietta upstaged nine other bartenders from Peru, Norway, UK, and the U.S. in TGIFridays’ 25th World Bartender Competition held in Dallas, last March 4. Not only that, but she is also the youngest bartender to win the championship.

3 Philippines takes home 14 medals from the international robotics meet.

Philippines takes home 14 medals from the international robotics meet

The Philippines took home three gold medals, four silvers, and seven bronze medals from the world-renowned International Robot Olympiad in Bucheon, South Korea. The Philippine Robotics team had delegates between 10 and 15 years old, from over 20 schools around the country. 120 young innovators of this group won in various the categories, including robotics programming and robot building.

4 First Filipina to win the ‘Best Actress’ Prize at Cannes Jaclyn Jose got everyone at the edge of their seat with her gritty portrayal of a drug-dealing matriarch in a Manila slum.

First Filipina to win the ‘Best Actress’ Prize at Cannes Jaclyn Jose

The result? She goes down in history as the first Filipina to get the Best Actress award at the prestigious 2016 Cannes Film Festival. Taking the role of Ma’ Rosa in the movie of the same name, Jose was lauded for her performance of a poverty stricken woman forced to sell drugs but gets entangled in police corruption in the end. The film was shot before Duterte announcd his intentions for the election. Nevertheless, Jose’s win happened at a very opportune time, to underscore real life events in the Philippines’ drug-infested nooks and crannies.


5 First Filipina to nab the Hugo award: Chicago-based Michi Trota, Uncanny Magazine’s managing editor, got a Hugo Award for being one of the editors of Uncanny Magazine.

First Filipina to nab the Hugo award: Chicago-based Michi Trota

The online Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine was lauded as the Best Semipro magazine at the the Kansas City Convention Center Grand Ballroom on August 20. What’s the big deal? The annual Hugo Awards is one of the highest honors bestowed on science fiction and fantasy writing.

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